Rax RC1 3.0.1

Record and edit your live sessions


  • Simple recording tool
  • 16 channels
  • Easy to add effects and instruments
  • Built-in Midi player


  • Limited number of effects in trial

Very good

Rax is the ideal tool to quickly record AudioUnit effects and instruments. The GUI is well organized with the top part dedicated to effects, the middle one composed of all 16 channels and the bottom section saved for instruments. Buttons at the top of the interface let you record sounds easily. Despite the fact that the trial offers a fairly limited amount of effects we liked how intuitive it felt to drag and add new effects in Rax. What's more, the application has built-in MIDI options, which are absolutely necessary in any self-respecting music application.

We also liked how you can easily save presets and label modules with one of the 15 icons available. The stepper is also a very handy tool to listen to presets. Overall, while not the most advanced music program, Rax offers a friendly interface which wraps all the necessary features to record and tweak your sounds.

Rax turns your Mac into a virtual rig for live performance, offloading DSP to a second computer or just jamming for fun. It's the easiest way to play AudioUnit instruments and process live audio through your AudioUnit effects. One-touch record lets you capture a great riff without delay.

Each AudioUnit is wrapped in a handy module with all the common controls you need to get the most out each one. Quickly audition presets with the preset stepper. When saving a preset Rax automatically creates the correct hierarchy for standard filing. Label a module with an appropriate icon - Rax ships with 15 icons with more on the way.

Mix it up!

A built in 16 channel mixer with an insert effects rack for each channel, 8 send effects busses and a master effects rack gives you access to 25 effects racks for fine-tuning your mix. Each channel has a level meter, pan, mute, solo and 8 effect sends.

Do the splits

Rax's MIDI features support layers, keyboard splits, velocity splits (with velocity compensation) and transposition.

Are you receiving?

Built-in MIDI Learn means you can easily control any AU parameters from your MIDI keyboard controller, even AUs (such as Apple's) that don't natively support MIDI control. And an autoload feature means that remote control is available as soon as the module is added to the rack.

Singer and/or guitarist?

Live audio inputs let you plug into to Rax to take advantage of all the AudioUnit effects - sing or play through the wonderful Ambience effect - use Rax's send busses to share effects among a number of sound sources and decrease CPU load at the same time.



Rax RC1 3.0.1

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